Actors Fund Work Program

Most performing arts and entertainment professionals are employed on a project basis and, therefore, are perpetually looking for work.

The Actors Fund Work Program addresses an individual’s long-term financial stability and job satisfaction by assisting in identifying and securing sideline, parallel and new careers through counseling, training and job development. The program addresses the highly episodic nature of their work, which often requires a secondary employment track so individuals can maintain financial and personal well-being. In addition, the program assists at specific transitional points when individuals are either ready or required to pursue a new or supplemental career/employment path.

Services include:          

  • Individual Career Counseling
  • Group Counseling and Job Search Skill Development Sessions
  • Career Search Spotlight and Other Seminars
  • Training Opportunities
  • Job Development and Placement

In fiscal year 2012, BC/EFA provided $400,000 in support.  During that time, 3,203 clients made use of the services provided by the program including orientation, job search and career counseling sessions.

"The Actors Fund Work Program instills confidence and helps to focus and open the paths so that people can see that they have so much more to share than they may give themselves credit for."

“It was a challenge to return to school after graduating 16 years ago. However, the AIDS Training and Education Project program gave me the opportunity to prove to myself that a new beginning was possible for me."

"I realized that, although my health was relatively stable, my HIV status was making it very difficult for me to work the long, unpredictable hours television production demanded. With the help of the Actors Fund Work Program I was able to take my previous skills and stay connected to the business working a full-time job in an entertainment industry union. I love my new job!"

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